photo credit: Kathryn Wright

photo credit: Kathryn Wright

Tamara Albright
Tamara  (rhymes w/ sara) is an entrepreneur, artist and wellness sage. Her passions include music, movement and nature.

Tamara connects to the rhythm of life through the heartbeat of nature. Her temple is the sound of creek side crawdads, rustling leaves, crow caws, gurgling brooks and the tales of the chickadee. An empathic being on a journey to ‘know thyself,’ Tamara uses movement and sound to express and embrace all that is. Her discovery of the voice as a healing tool began with an introduction to the world-renowned work of Tom Kenyon. She found it to be so deeply beautiful, comforting and profoundly transformative, Tamara heeded her heart’s calling to train with him. During her instruction with Tom, she was introduced to Oracle/Sound Healer, Jennifer Posada, from whom she learned to channel the sounds of deities, trees and earth spirits.

Tamara enjoys facilitating sound healing sessions for groups and individuals.


One response to “ABOUT

  1. Maurice

    A delight to read you.
    We might as well dance then!

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