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Tribal ReUnion Session – October’s Thin Veil

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Entry Point: We have now fully released at 100% on all levels past trauma for our species & our planet, so that we may as a species & individuals move forward & learn to love intelligently & come to know our inherent oneness. Spirit please, for the best and highest good of all concerned. * The entry point is similar to setting an intention or saying a creative prayer. A ReUnion Process Session illuminates potential unconscious roadblocks in manifesting this intention and utilizes a variety of tools (including applied kinesiology) to assist in the clearing of a path for love and grace to flow. This tribal, or group session was facilitated remotely using my body as a surrogate representing members of the community whom resonate at a mutual frequency. The book, The ReUnion Process by Peter Scupham, INRI is referenced throughout the session notes below.

As the session begins, we are are asked to be aware that we are now and forever bathed in the sweetness of grace.

There has been a tendency to make self/others wrong by believing what one wants will be given to others and not to self. This creates an enveloping feeling of decay and off balanced life energy. Memories of mistreatment, ill fortune, abuse festering within have resulted in suspicion and fear thereby resulting in a pained darkness inside. A rejection of union with another and the divine has been present. An underlying belief that “My family/group/partner believes having abundance is wrong/sinful” has been creating a fear of the future. We are called to remember our inner nobility of: Confidence in the future, the power to manifest through love and enthusiasm. A strong force that brings the descent into darkness – fear and self-distrust, difficult troubling circumstances represented as a dark shape in the forehead was met with loving compassion. Gabriel was called upon to transform this force into divine light, beauty and truth.

The following steps have been facilitated on behalf of the group to initiate the release of these aforementioned forces and the trance of being forsaken, suppressed/without true union or friendship/fear of loss/feeling overwhelmed created by these forces: Visualization of sliding the shadow away from a fully eclipsed sun. Next, the core of the body is pulsed with a forgiving white light, until only light is left spreading throughout the field of the body, thereby breaking out into a ‘peak spiritual experience’ of unending love, unending beauty.

We encounter these traumas and dramas in our lives as an opportunity to heal, thereby prompting us towards accomplishing our Mission of total and unconditional love. As the session closes, we are again reminded to be aware that we are now and forever bathed in the sweetness of grace. Processing time will complete by November 24th. Love and light to us all!

“Do not look at a container but what is in it.”
~ Rav Brandwein

In person, phone, web (dimdim / skype) and remote individual and group ReUnion Process sessions are available to non-CIK/SoHA and INRI clients. Contact Tamara Albright to learn more: or 404.822.6952.


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Fort Fisher
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Gaia reminds us that we all belong. She embraces our fierceness, our shadows, our teeth, our bones, our blood, every cell, every heartbeat. She is the womb from we emerge and return. There is no ejection or rejection of our flesh or our being. No matter how alone we may have told ourselves we are, we ALWAYS belong to her.

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Free Nia with Albright Creative 10/17

Join us at 3p in Hurt Park for “Nia with Albright Creative” at Atlanta Streets Alive! It’s going to be a beautiful day of freedom, exploration and fun. Discover all the incredible activities this city has to offer.

Nia is a path to condition, heal and express your self through movement and sensation. A dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, Nia revolutionized the face of fitness in 1983, and has since changed millions of lives and bodies across the globe. Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and self-expression, guided by the sensation of Pleasure.

Nia is designed for any body. It is ageless and limitless, transformational and effective for every person everywhere, from athletes, dancers and fitness instructors, to children, special needs groups and the elderly. With the philosophy, Through Movement We Find Health, Nia addresses the whole person through music and movement integrated from nine traditional movement forms. Call Tamara (rhymes w/ sara) at 404.822.6952 with questions or for more info. Check out this interactive map for the exact location:

♥ Suggested Barefoot for full use, stability and mobility of the feet
♥ Wear what feels beautiful and allows you to move freely
♥ Please bring water for maximum hydration

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Dance of the Shadows – Embracing the Mysteries Within

Join us for this incredibly fun Nia dance and movement series led by Tamara Albright! As the days become shorter, the hours of darkness slowly increase. We are moving into the season of shadows, and with it, welcoming an opportunity to delve within.
During this lively four class Nia series, we will dance, kick, block, howl, hiss and growl, allowing the many aspects of our shadow selves to emote, express and be embraced. Nia is pleasure based fusion fitness blending dance, martial arts and healing arts as a vehicle of joy connecting body, mind and spirit. It is safe and adaptable for all ages and abilities. You’re invited to dress in costume or however you enjoy expressing yourself. Register Today!

“You can only come to the morning through the shadows.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien

Tuesdays 8p-9p
Ladies Workout Express
2865 North Druid Hills Rd
Toco Hill Shopping Center (next to Bagel Palace)
Atlanta, GA 30329

During the month of October, we will explore our shadow sides and Embrace the Mysteries Within.
$40 October Shadow Series: 10/5, 10/12, 10/19 & 10/26
$15 Drop-ins
Sisterhood of Dance Promo Pricing:
$35 Series when your friend signs up at $40
Bring a friend and your class is Free

♥ Suggested Barefoot – for full use, stability and mobility of the “hands that touch the earth”
♥ Wear what feels beautiful and allows you to move freely
♥ Please bring water for maximum hydration

Register Today! Contact Tamara (rhymes w/ sara) at 404.822.6952 or

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