Cicadas with a Tybee Melody – 8.23.10
Sing me a song from the trees
as I sit in good company under a spray of mist.
Ocean hair twisted, skirt hiked above my knees.
Sweet ones seldom kissed.
Skin bright and hot from the sun.
Black cat patiently awaiting a morsel.
Laughter with the one who has to run.
Riding waves wrapped around your torso.
Future holding driving rains.
Cracking shells and jokes.
Herbs to ease the pain.
Caressed below spanish moss dripping down oaks.

Alone – 6.20.10
A lonely hound shakes her head,
for clarity beneath long folds of tissue, veins, fur, blood and skin.
Wondering what it is she didn’t hear.
Droopy ears – dark moist caverns burrowing ancient fears.
Vibrate the vessel, 
radar attuned to a distinct frequency.
Waves of fresh air, love and sunlight,
rushing in, in, in.

Heartmate – 5.24.10
Sing with me
Taste with me
Fear with me
Love with me
Laugh with me
Dance with me
Play with me
Pray with me
Eat with me
Drink with me
Breathe with me
Touch with me
Smell with me
Hear with me
Trust with me
Forgive with me
Move with me
Wander with me
Explore with me
Expand with me
Awaken with me
Learn with me
Grow with me
Weep with me
Open with me
Live with me
Create with me
Contribute with me
Rest with me
Allow with me
Bathe with me
Cleanse with me
Smudge with me
Sweat with me
Release with me
Smile with me
Beat with me

As we…
Feed ourselves
Trust ourselves
Love ourselves
Accept ourselves
Nurture ourselves
Honor ourselves
Express ourselves
Befriend ourselves
Forgive ourselves
Celebrate ourselves
Stand for ourselves
Know ourselves
Are gentle, patient and have compassion for ourselves
Uncontract our bodies
Follow our hearts
Feed our dreams
Love others
Release the past
Embrace the moment
Create our reality
Are guided by Spirit
And gently navigate, connected to the flow of life

Winged Ones – 2001
Dragonfly shadow over my head
Heat pumping my pores wet and my blood red
Gentle cool breeze comes along when you least expect it
Flip the pages, tousle my hair
Fluffy mermaid cloud makes its parade across the sky
Chases away my thought of dread
I almost turned away until I saw you by the bank side field
Calling me out to play
Birds gently singing the songs of their own
Fly low, fly by, above, up and about in the sky
In this moment no one knows what I
See which floats beyond me
Mangroves your homes
Found my way to the water
Never been this way before
Found a soft patch of grass
Proud and green with windmill weeds
Not a fire ant to be seen
The sweat in my belly gleams

Beyond – 2001
Beyond palm fronds lie a whisper of a Seminole breeze
A Magical dragonfly marsh
A close, yet distant mist entwines
and mingles with the sacred oaks
Among the soft honey grasses
Colored filled faeries do flit and hum

Winterland Dew 6.7.77 – 4.10.99
Should I even attempt this?
In a million light years I could never give words to the emotion that befell me this fine day
Spinning wildly in eternal frenzied clockwise circles
Hot and naked in my living room
Carried away to a place that is not a place
In a time that is not a time
Transformed, Transcended
Nine million watts of energy and emotion catapult themselves through the essence of my deepest darkest soul
Bringing with them a gateway through realities
Spinning, spinning
A cataclysmic cosmic rainbow of heat, color, and sound
Stella watches from the chair
She stares with crazed iced blue eyes
Collapsed on the floor
Salty tears on my cheeks
As you bellow out the last note
As you play the final tune
Nothing but silence, my stomach churning
I stand under the shower head
Darkness washed down the drain
Off for a short trip to the other side
Lids closed, comforter pulled over my head
Awake feeling I’ve made enough love to last a month
Step outside into a glorious Florida day
A tiny dragonfly looks on
While in the spring breeze the palm branches do sway
Ha!  What could I possibly say, should someone ask – “What did you do today?”

Blue Moon in the Sky Above – 3.31.99
You are back again
And in just January you came to us
Dear Moon
Tonight I feel fear
What kind of world will I live in?
Eighteen years you will come back twice in one year
My country has a long, strong, brutal arm
What reparations will I see repaid?
These United States
Sanctioning men, women, and thousands of children a month to death
Starvation, no medicine, contaminated water
In care of these United States
Big brother is massacring you
Policeman of the world
Dropping bombs on Yugoslavia
Your anguish reaches into my dreams
There is the illusion of peace outside my window
As I lie in my bed, the carts are cleaning themselves, the crickets and singing
I feel your pain from thousands of miles away
Blue Moon, are you crying?
No one is talking about it
A blanket of silence
Please tell me we aren’t numb
That nobody cares
I care Blue Moon
Tonight I will draw from your energy
I will send out love and peace to those in need
Eighteen years, when we meet again
I will visualize a place of peace and love

The Phoenix – 12.21.98
The phoenix begins to rise from the ashes of darkness
A sliver of the waxing moon emerges from what has ended
The refractions of light dance upon my mind, soul, body & spirit
Without darkness there is no love

I stand upon the horizon
Behind my heels lie decay

The rain of the midnight moon cleanses my soul

The warm wind of the east brings with it a salty mist of the sea
I taste it upon my lips

The fire crackles beneath my feet
As my toes curl and fan in delight

The powder from a trillion stars of shells and shells of stars flow from my hand
It glows through the darkness like the soft glow of a million fireflies
They dance upon the skies of darkness
Each light travels its chosen path

There is no night without darkness
The drummer of the ancient spirit brings upon it our  wings

We shall dance within the fire
We shall swim with the maidens of the sea
We shall bury our roots deep within the earth
We shall fly around the mountain tops as we head for the heavens

Goddess – 12.21.98
My drum will not go unbeaten
My dance not unseen
My voice not unheard

She will know me
And I her
We are

I am the serpent who drags her belly across the jungle floor
I am the spider who feeds upon its prey

I am Her
And She is me

I am the fawn ravaged by wolves
I am the starving cub

I am without nothing
I am everything
She is me
And I am her

Speckle – 12.1.98
Who loves the unloved?
The speckle of an ant who gropes at the maze
it’s once again lost within?

I am the page of cups
My fingertips awaken the soul of your child
My eyes hold mysteries of loved & lost

The spider of the south makes her presence known
I am to web a different weave
Sew with the grains of our mother
She brought me here

The moon will fill on the third
The disks lost in the rubble of the tower fade
I begin my journey of creation and exploration

Enclosed by the winds of the Universe
They penetrate and refresh my soul
I am light

All I need is before me
Wisdom Power Insight Cunning
Earth springs from my hand
The Universe is violet, indigo & blue
A white phoenix flies within

Your earth had dried me
Your armor enshrouds
I fear the cold winds that follow your path

I won’t feel you anymore
I see beams of light spring from behind the clouds
They are with me

I shall ride upon the bounty
I am victorious
My goal has been realized
My journey a success

I am love

Slumber – 1998
Within him she awoke a slumbering spirit
Chose he to deny it wings
For its dizzying flight he did fear it
So shall it end before it begins


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