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Protected: Personal ReUnion Session March 25th

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Sugar & Spice
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“Sometimes we live no particular way but our own.”
~ Robert Hunter

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Tribal ReUnion Session – February’s Full Moon

between the veils

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Entry Point: We have released fully all pain, fears, disappointments, judgments and games of power, control and guilt. We are healthy, balanced, loving, passionate, compassionate, creative, deeply connected, honoring, inspired, heart-centered, receive gracefully, speak our truth and listen deeply in all of our relationships, and attract and create relationships with these qualities. (The entry point is similar to setting an intention or saying a creative prayer. A ReUnion Process session illuminates potential unconscious roadblocks in manifesting this intention and utilizes a variety of tools to assist in the clearing of a path for love and grace to flow.)

As the session begins, we are are asked to be aware that we are who we choose to be.

Denial of one’s inner resourcefulness causes distrust in life’s current blessings. A denial of the thirst for true love and greatness is also indicated. There is a feeling of powerlessness and a hungering to know the truth about what is to come. A deep inner loneliness is subtly invalidating hopes of a brighter future. Misfortune without resolution weakens inner spaciousness and desire to heal. The need to escape by sealing off an inner area from others creates an enveloping feeling of decaying life energy.

Our sense of sacredness is nourished by acknowledging our natural ability of Experiencing Synchronicity – finding oneself flowing in waves of good timing & unexpected good fortune. This ability is represented as a beautiful bright ocean wave within the heart. Any disbelief in this ability was gently dissolved by pulsing a sky blue disc behind the upper back with loving waves of forgiveness.

By the gentle stimulation of acupuncture points inside the ankles, behind the knees, on the hips, just inside the shoulders, below the inner ends of the clavicle and behind the ears, a release of woundedness and a broader opening to experiencing joy in our lives has been created.

We encounter these traumas and dramas in our lives as an opportunity to heal (our own as well as ancestral pain), thereby prompting us towards accomplishing our Mission of total and unconditional love. As the session closes, we are again reminded that we are who we choose to be. Continue loving and supporting yourself at any time by acknowledging your natural ability of Experiencing Synchronicity – finding yourself flowing in waves of good timing & unexpected good fortune represented as a beautiful bright ocean wave within the heart. Love and light to you all!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In person, phone, web (dimdim / skype) and remote individual ReUnion Process sessions are available to non-CIK/SoHA clients. Contact Tamara Albright to learn more: or 404.822.6952.


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