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Nia: Facets of Love

photo credits: Kathy Kochevar & Kathryn Wright

February 14th
Sunday 12:30-1:30p

Ladies Workout Express
2865 North Druid Hills Road
(Toco Hill Shopping Center next to Bagel Palace)
Atlanta GA 30329

Explore the many facets of love through music and movement during this special Nia class. Nia (nee-ah) is the most fun way to connect body, mind & spirit, all while giving your heart a pleasurable work-out. The Nia Technique was developed as a radical alternative to high impact fitness and is pleasure based food for all aspects of your being. Nia is a synergistic blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts set intuitively to engaging music. The simultaneous movements improve coordination and create new communication between your brain and nervous systems (neuropathways). Nia’s loose structure allows room for individual creativity and vocalization and is an amped outlet to express a range of emotions from one moment to the next. Each deliciously edgy session warms the body from within, bringing you to a cardio work-out, then completes with cooling and grounding movements. You’ll finished feeling relaxed, yet rejuvenated and powerful!


♥ Suggested Barefoot – for full use, stability and mobility of the “hands that touch the earth”
♥ Wear what feels beautiful and allows you to move freely
♥ Please bring water for maximum hydration
♥ Note: this class is at a women-only facility


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