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Nia Envision Series

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Join us for this empowering three class Nia series as we connect body, mind, spirit, emotion and community in honor of the New Year. As the light grows with each day, we will focus on clarity in what we wish to experience and embodying our creative seeds of expression.

Nia (nee-ah) is a path to condition, heal and express your self through movement and sensation. A dynamic blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, Nia is designed for any body. Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions and spirit to optimum health through music, movement and self-expression, guided by the sensation of Pleasure.

The class is an arc flow structure – warming the body, building to a cardio work-out then completing with cooling stretches. Nia is a practice which is also exercise for the brain and nervous system as it creates new neuro-pathways and challenges us to shed habitual or unbalanced motions. The non-impact movements are set to engaging music from artists such as: Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Ganga Giri and Adham Shaikh. Open to MEN & WOMEN of all ages and abilities.

Benefits include:
♥ Increased Agility & Stability
♥ Weight Loss & Strength Gain
♥ Calming of the Mind/Stress Relief

Mondays 7p-8p
1/17, 1/24, 1/31
FREE class on 1/3!

the Hearth
317 Nelms Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30307

$30 series
$15 drop-in
Community of Dance Promo Pricing:
$25 Series when your friend signs up at $30
Bring a friend and your class is FREE!

♥ Suggested Barefoot – for full use, stability and mobility of the feet
♥ Wear what feels comfortable and allows you to move freely
♥ Please bring water for maximum hydration

Call Tamara (rhymes w/ sara) at 404.822.6952 with questions or for more info. Check out the international Nia website.


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2010 Intentions

run outta town
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Through spoken/written word and the focus of our thoughts, we begin to sow the seeds of what we experience in our reality. By creating a space of awareness around what we feed energetically, we have the opportunity to adjust any thoughts that are not in alignment with the light and goodness or our true essence. As the light of each day begins to now grow, may we create, attract, manifest, experience, receive and radiate the following qualities and attributes for the New Year:
love, compassion, passion, community, connection, prosperity, vitality, aliveness, vibrancy, abundance, companionship, creativity, grace, joy, bliss, laughter, music, dance, friendship, decadence, affection, tenderness, intimacy, exploration, transformation, adventure, travel, learning, playfulness, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, radiance, harmony, beauty, expression, artistry, awareness, gratitude, humility, openness, embracing, welcoming, inclusive, heart-centered, deep listening, clarity, guidance, ease, healthy, relaxation, indulgence, tranquility, spaciousness, inspiration, magic, freedom, courage, integrity, empowerment, authenticity, truth…

Feel free to add what resonates with you!

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