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Free Nia & Reflexology 9/24

Honor the Fall Equinox and your mind, body and spirit with a free evening of wellness at the Self Discovery Center.

Dance is the expression of your spirit in motion.
Albright Creative is pleased to offer you a beautiful way to love your body, express yourself and get your heart pumping for FREE! Nia (nee-ah) blends dance and martial arts set intuitively to exceptional music. Kick, strike, quiver, shimmy, block, chop, growl, howl, flow, fast, slow, low and high! This joyful and unique barefoot practice gently warms the body from within, bringing you to a cardio work-out, then ends with cooling stretches.

Benefits include:

  • Increase the pleasure of living in your body
  • Facilitate weight loss and proper weight maintenance
  • Strengthen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase muscle definition
  • Calm the mind and relieve stress
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase grace and flexibility
  • Balance the autonomic nervous system
  • Improve posture and even increase height
  • Improve organ function, particularly that of the heart and lungs
  • Enhance sensory awareness
  • Heighten sexual function
  • Build reservoirs of chi energy
  • Alleviate emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Improve circulation of blood and improve lymphatic drainage
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Improve concentration and cognitive function

Best of all, you’ll finished feeling, relaxed yet rejuvenated! Nia is safe and adaptable for all ages and abilities. Wear what feels beautiful and allows you to move freely. Please bring water to stay hydrated and prepare to have lots of fun loving the skin you’re in! Nia – Love Your Body, Love Your Life! For more information, email: infoatalbright-creative.com . To find local Nia classes, visit http://www.albright-creative.com/movement-nia.html

Within your feet are a map to your body.
Reflexology is a holistic healing science that helps to heal the body mind spirit by utilizing acupressure to stimulate nerve endings within the feet. Among reflexology’s many benefits is stress reduction. Kibwe Parker will be offering FREE sample sessions before and after Nia. He has been studying reflexology for eight years and his additional interests include aromatherapy, music and art. To schedule a full appointment, or for more info, email: quinnlanvos1@live.com .

FREE Nia with Tamara
Thursday, September 24th
7p – 8p

FREE Reflexology by Kibwe
Thursday, September 24th
6:45p – 7p
8:00p – until

The Self Discovery Center
1315 South Ponce de Leon Ave NE
Atlanta GA


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