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2010 Intentions

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Through spoken/written word and the focus of our thoughts, we begin to sow the seeds of what we experience in our reality. By creating a space of awareness around what we feed energetically, we have the opportunity to adjust any thoughts that are not in alignment with the light and goodness or our true essence. As the light of each day begins to now grow, may we create, attract, manifest, experience, receive and radiate the following qualities and attributes for the New Year:
love, compassion, passion, community, connection, prosperity, vitality, aliveness, vibrancy, abundance, companionship, creativity, grace, joy, bliss, laughter, music, dance, friendship, decadence, affection, tenderness, intimacy, exploration, transformation, adventure, travel, learning, playfulness, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, radiance, harmony, beauty, expression, artistry, awareness, gratitude, humility, openness, embracing, welcoming, inclusive, heart-centered, deep listening, clarity, guidance, ease, healthy, relaxation, indulgence, tranquility, spaciousness, inspiration, magic, freedom, courage, integrity, empowerment, authenticity, truth…

Feel free to add what resonates with you!


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