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Short Sol, Long Moon

the shifting nature of clarity
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With every heart beat, may I give and receive love fully
With every cycle of breath, may I trust Spirit
With every conclusion, may I notice the end of the discovery
With every claim I stake, may I see what owns me
With every desire, may I sense the illusion of lack in my yearning
With every wrong I make, may I notice the absence of compassion
With every song, may I celebrate freedom of expression
With every dance, may I fully appreciate and accept my body
With every hurt I feel, may I understand I’ve given away my power
With every penny I spend, may I feel gratitude for its provision
With every fear, may I relax deeper into my body
With every action I take, may I be the change I want to see in the world
With every word I communicate, may I witness when it is any voice other than my higher self
With every drop of water, may I feel connected to all life
With every bite I take, may I listen to my body
With every moment, may there be a space for the witness
With every step, may I feel connected to the earth
With every instant, may I experience its rightness
With every challenge, may I learn its lesson
With every ailment, may I forgive
With every doing, may I notice the proving
With every embrace, may I feel all sensations
With every resistance, may I yield to the flow of grace
With every breeze, may I acknowledge my ancestors
With every comparison, may I practice acceptance and understanding
With every animal, may I celebrate unconditional love
With every photograph, may I release the past
With every immersion, may I notice the illusion of separation
With every bit of trash, may I reduce my waste
With every purchase, may I notice any emptiness I’m attempting to fill
With every stretch, may I experience inner spaciousness
With every yes, may I honor my boundaries
With every no, may I notice how I limit myself
With every performance, may I see my need to please
With every opinion I solicit, may I acknowledge my yearning for approval
With every passing day, may I embrace every aspect of myself
With every occasion I experience defeat, may I have the courage to keep going



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In Honor of Kathryn Wright

My beautiful friend just celebrated another birthday. I am thankful for our connection and her life. She has taken on many roles in her lifetime including: compassionate listener, dancer, photographer, chef, daughter, teacher, student, lover, protector, care-taker and breast cancer survivor. Her life continues to evolve and unfold with beauty, grace and with a light that can not be contained by a label. Thank you, spirit sister, this one’s for you:

“We are the mirror, as well as the face in it.”

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the Mutual Admiration Society

the Mutual Admiration Society

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“There is no remedy for love, but to love more.”
– Henry David Thoreau

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What Kind of Power Trip are You on?

With multiple life lessons staring me in the face, two are at the forefront of my mind – patience and power. My neurology is screaming “RUN FOR THE HILLS!” when it’s actually in the best and highest good to stand in my power and face uncertainty with confidence and an open heart. Re-training the brain and growing myself beyond the patterns of scarcity and protection is the pathway to my personal transformation of believing I have the power (along with divine assistance) to create the life I want and the patience to allow it to unfold organically. This is a enormous undertaking, hence I’m calling in all my resources: ReUnion Kinesiology, visualization paired with bilateral stimulation, affirmations, sound and frequency therapy, surrounding myself with a like-minded support system and practicing Nia.

Nia provides many benefits to the mind, body and spirit and is a tremendous tool for practicing what it is to be patient and powerful. By psychically practicing internal skills we desire, we are able to integrate efficiently. Nia utilizes stances as a form of living meditation – the power of stillness. By holding the body in a strong and stable position, the mind is cued to believe in it’s ability to make a powerful stand. In aligning the body to reflect thought, we solidify the new skill. With a never-ending “to do” list it’s easy to miss out on divine guidance or personal insight if there’s never a pause. Nia stances create a stillness within movement. A place for power and energy to gather. A space where the yin feminine energies gather and are received from the earth through the soles of the feet. The stance is patience and power displayed in physical form.

I invite you to practice experiencing your power by allowing it to gather in stillness. Check out to find a Nia class near you. Also, check out the brief video below on stances as a living meditation.

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Search Light


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Have you ever wondered what people are seeing in you when a harsh inner critic slams your confidence into a hellish slop?

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” – Hafiz


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Seduction Through Sensation

There’s no denying it, being a human isn’t always fun. We have this incredible dichotomy in this existence, and in our very beings. We’re primal and ferocious with an amazing capacity to express and experience love and compassion. Millions of intangible thoughts happening within a wondrous vessel. A vessel capable of experiencing multiple sensations at once.

Until my Nia practice began, I was completely unaware of how much time I spent in thought – writing virtual to do lists, questioning past decisions, reliving conversations and stressing about tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in my head quite a bit, but there is more awareness of when I am and how it feels in my body. For a long time I had this odd relationship with my body – like it was my little slave to punish as I saw fit, never really thinking about how my body was responding to the thoughts running around in my head or how much of the present I was missing.

In movement, there is a harmonization of the body and mind. A real opportunity to kick aside all thoughts, worries and stresses and really notice and feel the sensation of what it is to be in your body. To really be in wonderful and in awe of our bodies and senses.

Today’s work involved a lot of “doing” as well as worrying. Worrying about the unknown. Finally, I forced my mind to listen to my aching body that sat hunched over a computer all day and step away from this hamster wheel by practicing Nia. The dancing, moving, flowing, vocalizing, striking, kicking, all of these things helped release the build-up of pressure of the day. But, it wasn’t until I stepped outside into the dusky evening that I felt the angst completely melt. Through my amazing body and senses, I was able to to shift into pure wonder and appreciation of the moment. My evening stroll with RakSi, the wonder dog, began by an envelopment of warmth and moisture, bird music permeating the air, light reflecting upon massive puddles. On I walked, up the hill, sensing the strength in my legs, the softness of the leather leash in my hand. Ah yes, this is what it is to be present, I remember now. What a gift this life is. A “now”, bursting with green and  amazing little bugs illuminating unexpected spaces. On and on, images, sounds, textures. Then one of my favorite senses was indulged. My nose shamelessly burrowed, drinking deeply from the pure ecstasy of a gardenia. As I began to head back home, and my mind started doing it’s “thang”, when a breeze brought me back one more time to the here and now with a beautiful embrace of coolness, filled with the glorious scent of fresh lavender. Quite seduced, I stroked the compact and fuzzy buds bringing fingers to nose and inhaling to my pinky toes. Yes this is now. This is what it is to be fully alive and enjoy the moment. Thank you. Thank you for this. Thank you for the reminder that there are still opportunities for bliss even in the times of fear and suffering.

As you find yourself a slave to your thoughts, caught up in “getting somewhere”, I invite you to take just a moment to notice how this feels in your body. When you are ready for a shift in your thoughts and emotions, consider indulging your senses in a new way. There is great wisdom in the saying, take time to stop and smell the roses. This summer allow your senses to be utterly and shamelessly seduced. Consider that you always have a lover, whether there’s one lying in your bed or not. Gardenias, dragonflies, lightning bugs, peonies, birds, trees they are my lovers. They remind me that I am beautiful just by simply being.


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Long Sol

Let There be Light

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My long Sol today
Old identity melting
Light pulsing the dark


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