Tribal ReUnion Session – September’s Full Moon

Urban Geometry

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Entry Point: We release guilt, anxiety, isolation and scarcity at 100% on all levels. We receive and radiate abundance, passion, pure love, loyalty and a deep connection to ourselves, others, nature and the divine. Spirit please, for the best and highest good of all concerned. * The entry point is similar to setting an intention or saying a creative prayer. A ReUnion Process Session illuminates potential unconscious roadblocks in manifesting this intention and utilizes a variety of tools (including applied kinesiology) to assist in the clearing of a path for love and grace to flow. This tribal, or group session was facilitated remotely using my body as a surrogate representing members of the community whom resonate at a mutual frequency. The book, The ReUnion Process by Peter Scupham, INRI is referenced throughout the session notes below.

As the session begins, we are are asked to be aware that we are who we choose to be.

There has been difficulty in being comfortable with material existence. This discomfort has created difficulty in making appropriate and nourishing choices. Our intuitive sensitivity has been going numb, scrambled or self-doubting in the face of challenge/change. Additionally there has been a construct of despair/pessimism that presents others and events in such a manner as to invalidate one’s trust and worthiness. This has created confusion within the heart. Enlightened beings are supporting us and state strongly that neediness and frustration shall become fulfillment and generosity!

The following steps have been facilitated on behalf of the group to initiate the release of these aforementioned forces and the trance of confused self-depreciation, inability to express the power and truth within, and a sense of failure created by these forces: Visualization of this flying through a long black tunnel and coming out the end in to a vast spacious whiteness. Next, the core of the body is pulsed with a forgiving white light, until only light is left spreading throughout the field of the body, thereby breaking out into a ‘peak spiritual experience’ of unending love, unending beauty. Additionally, black rings within and without the body were gently turned to pure white radiance.

We encounter these traumas and dramas in our lives as an opportunity to heal, thereby prompting us towards accomplishing our Mission of total and unconditional love. As the session closes, we are again reminded to be aware that we are who we choose to be. Processing time will complete by October 25th. Love and light to us all!

“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.”
~ Irish Proverb

In person, phone, web (dimdim / skype) and remote individual and group ReUnion Process sessions are available to non-CIK/SoHA and INRI clients. Contact Tamara Albright to learn more: or 404.822.6952.



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4 responses to “Tribal ReUnion Session – September’s Full Moon

  1. Shannon

    I am honored, humbled, and grateful to have input included to the entry point of the Reunion. It is a blessing to share with, and a gift to receive from others. May all be well.

  2. John

    This is beautiful, thank you Tamara

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