May 2nd: Freeing the Natural Voice & Exploring Sacred Space and Sound

Image courtesy of Pepe Paban.

Join us for this empowering, two part playshop led by internationally renowned music therapist, sound healer and author, Susan Elizabeth Hale MA. Susan is a pioneer in the field of music therapy and an aficionado of musical styles from all over the world. She has journeyed across the planet and devoted 10 years of research to deliver her latest book: Sacred Space, Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places. A seminar leader, teacher and coach, Susan continues to help people explore their sacred paths and find and free the natural voice.

Part One
1:00p – 5:00p
When We Free Our Voice We Free Ourselves!
The first part of this liberating playshop opens up individual vocal expression. For those of us who have been told to remain silent, it is an avenue of self permission. For those of us who tell ourselves we can’t sing, it provides an opportunity to consider otherwise. For those who love to sing it creates greater openness and freedom. It is vital for us to speak our truths and to express ourselves authentically. Let us create a greater sense of freedom and allow our voices to be heard!

In a safe and supportive environment, we will utilize:
♥ toning
♥ improvisation
♥ movement
♥ playful sound exploration
Thus discovering and freeing the natural voice

We will complete this part of the playshop relaxed and energized with:
♥ simple, easy techniques to open and free the voice!
♥ understanding of how to use sound and song for healing!
♥ Increased confidence to sing and speak our truth!

Join us for a homecooked meal of cob oven pizza, fresh salad and iced tea for $12, bring your own, or go out to one of the many fabulous area restaurants. There are multiple outdoor seating options on site. Medlock Park and a beautiful boardwalk leading through the woods for your enjoyment are within walking distance.

Part Two
We are sound beings. Ancient people recognized the importance of sound and sought out resonant caves to perform rituals. Later temples and churches were built to enhance sound and music for the purpose of expanding consciousness. We will explore the Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places by experiencing songs, stories and images of the sacred including the:
♥ Egyptian pyramids
♥ Cave of Lascaux
♥ Michael and Mary lines in Britain

Through vowel sounds, we will discover the sacred architecture of our bodies, and the harmonic hum and power of our voices. Hear the call to give your gifts to the world! Become the Harmony!

Participant Fee for this unique and rare playshop:
♥ Parts One and Two $80.00 ($70.00 each with a friend)
♥ Part One Only $60.00 ($50.00 each with a friend)

co-hosted by Tamara Albright and Maurice LeCroy
Community 2.0 Center, on South Fork Peachtree Creek
2172 Willivee Place. NW
Decatur GA

For more details and to reserve your space, email Susan: Susan is also available to do astrology reading and private voice sessions the week of May 3rd-7th.


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One response to “May 2nd: Freeing the Natural Voice & Exploring Sacred Space and Sound

  1. Thank you, Susan for your sharing, love and wisdom. Thank you, everyone for contributing your spirit through the voice. Thank you David, for manning the cob oven. Thank you, Maurice for continually opening your space and hearts to the community of people, plants, animals and all the unseen mysteries. Thank you earth, trees, sun, moon, wind and water for providing for us even through times of ignorant slumber. And amidst the confusion and challenges of mercury in retrograde, thank you Spirit for your grace, magick and inspiration.

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