Tribal ReUnion Session – March’s Full Moon

Movement In Glass & Light

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Entry Point: We experience and nurture a deep connection to the inner, community, nature and Spirit at 100% on all levels. Spirit please, for the best and highest good of all concerned. (The entry point is similar to setting an intention or saying a creative prayer. A ReUnion Process Session illuminates potential unconscious roadblocks in manifesting this intention and utilizes a variety of tools to assist in the clearing of a path for love and grace to flow. The book, The ReUnion Process by Peter Scupham, INRI is referenced throughout the session notes below.)

As the session begins, we are are asked to be aware of a great love illuminating the core of our existence.

A repeating sense of making the self and others wrong by expressing a false evaluation based on mistrust and past failure is indicated. A loss of trust in ones inner vision fragments confidence in the path ahead and interferes in our bond with others and Spirit. The integrity of our inner world and its influence over our outer world is at a loss due to difficulty in understanding and digesting a present frustration. Blocks are created in the way one is presenting themselves to the world and are slowing processing flows. This compressing persona squeezes shut access to our true inner abilities. An inner assumption taken as true of “I will always be alone” creates unwanted feelings that life is dangerous. By stimulating corresponding points on the Circulation and Sex Meridian, Life Force disturbances that reflect feelings of being left out and emotionally isolated such as low self-esteem, false accusation and turning away from the self, begin to be released.

One’s power is being imprisoned by a weakening faith in the self and others, creating an inner disturbance of obsessive anxiety and stress within as well as an overpowering of receptiveness and trust. A difficulty in opening the self to grace and love from others while in the midst of distress, misfortune or uncertainty is indicated.

By stimulating corresponding points on the Circulation and Sex Meridian, Life Force disturbances that reflect feelings of “Nobody loves me,” fears of being left out and/or failing, feelings that freeze fluidity and joy of life as well as struggles to know the self, begin to be peeled away.

Finally, the feeling of “No matter what I do, it’s hopeless – I’m stuck/trapped/doomed” is visually represented as prison bars in the mind (from behind the eyes) and around the heart. By imagining a tunnel of light enveloping and dissolving this imagery until completely gone, then filling these spaces with a gentle white light, a sense of faith, hope and optimism is restored.

We encounter these traumas and dramas in our lives as an opportunity to heal (our own as well as ancestral pain), thereby prompting us towards accomplishing our Mission of total and unconditional love. As the session closes, we are again reminded to be aware of a great love illuminating the core of our existence. Processing time will complete by April 11th. From now until then, upon waking visualize or pray to be returned to the path of letting go – allowing the Divine take you to what is needed. Love and light to you all!

“Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being.”
~ Teillhard de Chardin

In person, phone, web (dimdim / skype) and remote individual ReUnion Process sessions are available to non-CIK/SoHA clients. Contact Tamara Albright to learn more: or 404.822.6952.


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