ReUnion Process – an Offering of Hope and Support

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Developed by Peter Scupham in the early ’90’s, the ReUnion Process is a unique consciousness modality. Based in love and surrender, it offers a sense of hope and the potential to gently peel away limiting patterns. A ReUnion Processes Session endeavors to create a space of deep listening and compassion open to all.

Each session begins with a discussion about what issues or desires the client would like addressed. An entry point (similar to an intention) is written in current time and positive language. An example would be “Jane receives and gives loves fully.” In a relaxed and comfortable position, the client then contacts a source they consider sacred, requesting assistance with the intention.

Using hand mudras (ancient hand positions) and applied kinesiology (muscle testing indicating strength or weakness), the facilitator communicates with the client’s body and inner wisdom. Through this unspoken communication, the facilitator checks for permission to proceed with the session. Upon permission, the session continues with the Entry and subsequent Discovery and Facilitation process.

The Discovery process retrieves individual pieces of a puzzle to create a picture unique to Jane and her life experience. During this process, the client continues to relax and is encouraged to share, through discussion, any memories/feelings/images that come to their awareness. This aspect of an individual’s ReUnion session is unique and one-of a kind every time. The picture created during this process gives insight to what potential disempowering belief systems/past traumas/etc. create challenges for Jane as she moves toward her intention of “receiving and giving love fully.”

Once the picture is formed, we proceed with what is called the Facilitation Process. This aspect of each ReUnion session is unique as well, and may include: visualization, acupressure, the use of essential oils, flower essences, and/or physical movement etc. These artistic and sensory techniques are utilized for the purpose of launching a healing process, allowing one to make empowered strides towards their intention. Upon completion of the session, clients may experience a lightness, a sense of hope, feelings of being loved and supported, etc.

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In person, Skype/phone and remote sessions are available.* Contact ReUnion Process Facilitator, Tamara Albright with questions: or 404.822.6952.

*Please contact CIK/SoHA or INRI if you are a client of theirs.



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2 responses to “ReUnion Process – an Offering of Hope and Support

  1. Eric Badstibner

    Kinesiology – is not simply muscle testing indicating strength or weakness. Manual muscle testing is used to indicate strength or weakness. Kinesiology as defined by Merriam Webster (and other dictionary sources) – the study of the principles of mechanics and anatomy in relation to human movement. Please do not confuse the two.

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