Free Nia & Reflexology 1/7

As travel, celebration, excitement and extra time with family and friends wind down, it’s important to make the landing back into your daily life a soft one. By continuing to create a life that feeds our spirit’s vibrancy and fills our bodies with aliveness, we create a deep inner friendship and the freedom to allow inspiration to flow. Tamara Albright, Nia Instructor and Kibwe Parker, Reflexologist are pleased to offer you two beautiful tools for a healthy life and body for free on January 7th at the The Self Discovery Center, 1315 South Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30306.

Nia with Tamara – Move Your Body and Lift Your Spirits
7:30p- 8:30p
Nia (nee-ah) is a unique blend of dance and martial arts set intuitively to exceptional music. This joyful, class is a creative arch flow –  warming the body from within, engaging your mind, body and spirit to a peak, then solidifying the experience with healing movements and symbolic gestures. The loose structure engages the mind while leaving lots of room for personal expression through personal style, levels of intensity and vocalizations. Nia is safe and adaptable for all ages and abilities. You’ll finish feeling, relaxed yet rejuvenated! Best of all, it’s FUN!

Benefits include:

  • Increase the pleasure of living in your body
  • Facilitate weight loss and proper weight maintenance
  • Calm the mind, and alleviate depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Strengthen muscles, improve muscle tone, and increase muscle definition
  • Improve circulation, concentration and cognitive function
  • Improve heart & lung function
  • Build reservoirs of chi energy
  • Enhance sensory awareness
  • Heighten sexual function
  • Strengthen immunity

Wear what feels good on your body and allows you to move freely. Bring water to maintain proper hydration.  Nia with Tamara – Move Your Body and Lift Your Spirits! For more information, email: . To find local Nia classes, visit

Reflexology by Kibwe – Within your feet are a map to your body
5:00p- 9:00p
Reflexology is a holistic healing science that helps to heal the body mind spirit by utilizing acupressure to stimulate nerve endings within the feet. Reflexology’s benefits include relief with headaches, back pain, cramps, digestive problems arthritis and other inflammatory symptoms as well as stress reduction. It helps to increase vitality, energy, and the natural healing properties that our bodies already possess.  Kibwe Parker has been studying reflexology for eight years. His additional interests include aromatherapy, music and art. To schedule a full appointment, or for more info, email: .


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