Short Sol, Long Moon

the shifting nature of clarity
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With every heart beat, may I give and receive love fully
With every cycle of breath, may I trust Spirit
With every conclusion, may I notice the end of the discovery
With every claim I stake, may I see what owns me
With every desire, may I sense the illusion of lack in my yearning
With every wrong I make, may I notice the absence of compassion
With every song, may I celebrate freedom of expression
With every dance, may I fully appreciate and accept my body
With every hurt I feel, may I understand I’ve given away my power
With every penny I spend, may I feel gratitude for its provision
With every fear, may I relax deeper into my body
With every action I take, may I be the change I want to see in the world
With every word I communicate, may I witness when it is any voice other than my higher self
With every drop of water, may I feel connected to all life
With every bite I take, may I listen to my body
With every moment, may there be a space for the witness
With every step, may I feel connected to the earth
With every instant, may I experience its rightness
With every challenge, may I learn its lesson
With every ailment, may I forgive
With every doing, may I notice the proving
With every embrace, may I feel all sensations
With every resistance, may I yield to the flow of grace
With every breeze, may I acknowledge my ancestors
With every comparison, may I practice acceptance and understanding
With every animal, may I celebrate unconditional love
With every photograph, may I release the past
With every immersion, may I notice the illusion of separation
With every bit of trash, may I reduce my waste
With every purchase, may I notice any emptiness I’m attempting to fill
With every stretch, may I experience inner spaciousness
With every yes, may I honor my boundaries
With every no, may I notice how I limit myself
With every performance, may I see my need to please
With every opinion I solicit, may I acknowledge my yearning for approval
With every passing day, may I embrace every aspect of myself
With every occasion I experience defeat, may I have the courage to keep going



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4 responses to “Short Sol, Long Moon

  1. Greg

    Thank you for sharing Tamara. Some lines especially stood out to me.

    I notice that the depth of my breath cycle may be in direct proportion to how much trust I have in the Flow, versus grasping on to any constructed dualism I may currently have as my story.

    How courageous, to relax deeper into the body when fear is present. I aspire towards that as well, and am reminded to celebrate this when amongst trusted community with each choice I make to feel this anxious vulnerability.

    And relatedly, to know when the voice is of a True nature and when it is locked into a small patterned voice from the past.

    I honor the work that you are doing Tamara. Thank you for the light that you are sharing with the world.



  2. Kamphora

    Words so beautiful and wise…..can’t wait to see, and embrace you, beautiful heart.

  3. Thank you both, Greg and Kamphora.

  4. Jason

    Those who have not yet accepted their own imperfection are the first ones to judge and critisize the faults of others. The act of judging others character does not define them, all it does is define yours.

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