ReUnion Process – an Artful Prayer

Developed by Peter Scupham in the early ’90’s, the ReUnion Process is a unique consciousness modality. Based in love and surrender, it offers clients and facilitators alike with a sense of hope and the potential to gently untangle the shroud of limiting patterns. A ReUnion session endeavors to create a space of deep listening and compassion open to all.

This beautiful, artful prayer utilizes muscle testing (kinesiology) and hand mudras to communicate with a being’s body and spirit. The direction of each session is an unfolding mystery which may utilize visualizations, acupressure, essential oils, flower essences or physical movement. There are no specific religious, spiritual or  personal belief system requirements.

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

In person, Skype/phone and remote sessions are available. Contact Tamara Albright to learn more: or 404.822.6952.



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3 responses to “ReUnion Process – an Artful Prayer

  1. John

    How about putting a link at the top of your page to make me a fan of yours on Facebook?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. The Facebook link is up. 😉

  3. Maurice

    How often do we have the tender, undivided, undemanding attention of another, even for a few minutes?

    Surrendering into Tamara Albright’s loving attention for two hours was profound, as she asked questions which required no verbal response from me, as she quickly used kinesiology – her own skillful body-knowing to access the “answers”, leading us down previously unexplored pathways, shaping my fingers into mudras they had never expressed ….

    The next night, I dreamed that I awakened, which is a big deal for me, dreams of awakening often being precursors of lucid dreaming – full waking consciousness in dream time. In my experience, dream life parallels waking life. The metaphor of dreaming of awakening is clear – and exhilarating!

    Exhilarated is an apt description of my post-session state. I scarce recognize this guy, as his self expression unleashes, and he dances into blissful possibility of possibilities, joyfully creative, and vibrantly alive.

    Stopped smoking, too.

    Happy now!

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