What Kind of Power Trip are You on?

With multiple life lessons staring me in the face, two are at the forefront of my mind – patience and power. My neurology is screaming “RUN FOR THE HILLS!” when it’s actually in the best and highest good to stand in my power and face uncertainty with confidence and an open heart. Re-training the brain and growing myself beyond the patterns of scarcity and protection is the pathway to my personal transformation of believing I have the power (along with divine assistance) to create the life I want and the patience to allow it to unfold organically. This is a enormous undertaking, hence I’m calling in all my resources: ReUnion Kinesiology, visualization paired with bilateral stimulation, affirmations, sound and frequency therapy, surrounding myself with a like-minded support system and practicing Nia.

Nia provides many benefits to the mind, body and spirit and is a tremendous tool for practicing what it is to be patient and powerful. By psychically practicing internal skills we desire, we are able to integrate efficiently. Nia utilizes stances as a form of living meditation – the power of stillness. By holding the body in a strong and stable position, the mind is cued to believe in it’s ability to make a powerful stand. In aligning the body to reflect thought, we solidify the new skill. With a never-ending “to do” list it’s easy to miss out on divine guidance or personal insight if there’s never a pause. Nia stances create a stillness within movement. A place for power and energy to gather. A space where the yin feminine energies gather and are received from the earth through the soles of the feet. The stance is patience and power displayed in physical form.

I invite you to practice experiencing your power by allowing it to gather in stillness. Check out http://www.albright-creative.com/movement-nia.html to find a Nia class near you. Also, check out the brief video below on stances as a living meditation.


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