Hand Health for all my Fellow Keyboardaholics

I get by with a little help

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A great and easy way to keep the energy flowing through your fingers when you do a lot of repetitive movements (typing, texting, guitar playing and even for you freaky banjo players šŸ˜‰ ) is the finger flick. We all have the desire to age gracefully, if we have to age at all. And I doubt any of us geeky, computer-wanna-be-whizzes want claw hands.

To keep the blood pumping and retain full mobility of your fingers and hands, tuck the nail beds of your fingers behind the thumb, create pressure, then release. Repeat several times and do your best to include it in your daily routine. If you don’t get my instruction, here’s video of Carlos Rosas, co-founder of the Nia Technique, demonstrating the move. Bless Carlos’ little heart – I don’t claim myself as southern but I’ve come to appreciate the sarcasm of the saying. Seriously though, Carlos is amazing and his humanness in this video he reminds me of W the Almighty. Nice designer jeans too, at least I know my monthly licensing fees are going to a good cause!


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  1. Kamphora

    Thanks for the tip, and Carlos is a trip! Nice to see my photo(s) going to good use. And that Southern saying is one of my favorites šŸ˜‰

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