Free Intro to Nia

Thursday, June 11th

In preparation for her ongoing weekly Nia class at the Self Discovery Center beginning on Thursday, June 25th; Tamara Albright will be giving an introductory class to experience first hand how this technique can make a difference in your life. Please join us …

ABOUT NIA: Nia is pleasure based food for your body, mind and soul.

The Nia (nee-ah) Technique was developed in the early 80’s as a nurturing, yet powerfully effective, alternative to high impact fitness.

It is a synergistic blend of dance, martial arts and healing arts set intuitively to engaging music. Nia is safe and adaptable for all ages and levels.

This fun and unique practice gently warms the body from within, bringing you to a cardio work-out, then ends with cooling stretches.

You’ll finished feeling, relaxed yet rejuvenated and fully alive!


1315 South Ponce de Leon Ave NE
South Ponce and Springdale
Atlanta, GA 30306



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6 responses to “Free Intro to Nia

  1. ljhealth

    I love NIA! We have several amazing instructors at Red Mountain Spa Resort who teach NIA. I highly recommend NIA to everyone, it’s wonderful. I also have a health blog on wordpress it’s if you have a chance to visit love to have your feed back.

  2. DanCosgrove

    Many of these movements remind me of Chi Kung. I think it would be very beneficial for people that could use some aerobic training in their exercise along with the holistic benefits.

    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your comment! I like your blog – lots of good info. Nia blends 9 movement forms including T’ai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido. I can safely say I know a sliver about each, but immensely enjoy how they feel. The yang in me especially loves Tae Kwon Do. How did your interest in martial arts begin?

      • DanCosgrove

        It sounds like you’re in the same situation I’m in with the martial arts. While I’ve only practiced one formally for more than a year, I love to read about and take in a class or two from different styles (hence the blog).

        I started tae kwon do when I was 13 as a way to get into shape. From there, since tkd puts an emphasis on flexibility, I broke into yoga (which my friends thought was for old ladies at the time, but oh well :))

        From a purely self-defence standpoint, a combination of tae kwon do and aikido would be very effective. Being able to kick from far away as well as grapple in close would leave someone feeling pretty confident.

  3. Kamphora

    Nia has totally changed how I view exercise. It made me re-discover the joy of being in my body after going through treatment for breast cancer, which involved a lot of pain in my body. I’ve never really vibed with the “no pain, no gain” philosophy of fitness, but until I found Nia I didn’t have an alternative (except yoga). The difference between yoga and Nia, for me, is that yoga helps connect me to myself, it’s a very inward focus, while Nia lets me expand my spirit and energy outwards, and helps connect me to other class members as well. It’s fun, it’s joyous, it’s a kick-ass workout, and the music is awesome. I am totally addicted!

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