Animal Assisted Therapy to be Added Among Albright Creative’s Wellness Offerings

Photo Credit - Kathryn Wright

RakSita Flo Bella might sound like quite a name for a hound dog. But this is quite a dog!

RakSita (rawksheeta) was rescued moments prior to being euthanized by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of Asheville, NC. Brother Wolf, a foster organization, named her Flo because of her easy going nature. Then began Brother Wolf’s search for Flo’s forever home. One with a compassionate person who appreciated all the love and tenderness she had to offer.

After a streak of dating a few men with dogs, Tamara Albright realized she much preferred the dogs to the guys. Tamara began pondering the idea of bringing a pooch into her life and discovered Brother Wolf’s posting of Flo on Craigslist. After a brief face to snout introduction, being together was clearly written in the stars.

Ms. Albright re-named the red tick hound RakSita – which is Sanskrit for rescued, protected. “Flo just reminded me of a cranky waitress from a sitcom I used to watch. Always saying with a twangy accent ‘kiss my grits’.” To honor RakSi’s rescuers she wanted to keep Flo, but RakSita Flo didn’t quite, well…flow. So RakSita Flo Bella is was.

Albright, an entrepreneur, artist and wellness sage knew that she had quite a special companion in her care. “RakSi is absolutely magnetic. Even those who claim they aren’t fond of dogs, like her. She’s has such a soothing energy. It just came to be recently, that she would be the perfect dog to brighten the day of those in nursing homes, hospitals and living in sadness, pain or with disabilities. My ego likes the idea of RakSi and I being able to go where other dogs aren’t allowed, but more importantly, my heart knows the importance of the unconditional love animals have to offer”.

RakSita and Tamara have recently started studying to become certified in Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) – the deliberate inclusion of an animal in a treatment plan. “It’s really exciting,” Albright states eyes sparkling, “RakSi is learning so quickly and the training is helping me gain a better understanding of her and strengthen our bond even more. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing dog and am looking forward to sharing her with those in need.”


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